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US Q2 EV Sales (OEM Reported) Increased 43% Over Q1

US sales of the 29 EV models for which OEMs reported sales publicly had a combined 45% increase in Q2 over Q1. Sixteen BEVs and PHEVs had positive growth in Q2, while 10 models saw declines in Q2, although three of those models have been discontinued.

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70% Of Electrify America’s US DC Fast Chargers Are 150 kW

Across the 2,193 Electrify America “corridor/market” DC fast chargers located throughout the US (but excluding California sites), 1,527 or 69.6% of the total at the end of 2021 were 150 kW chargers, according to analysis of the April 30, 2022 Electrify America 2021 Report to the US EPA by EVAdoption.

Tesla Accounted for 65% of California Q1 2022 EV Registrations

Despite a number of new BEVs and PHEVs being introduced by other automakers, Tesla continues to dominates EV sales in California accounting for 65.3% of BEV and PHEV registrations in Q1 2022 (January 1 – March 31, 2022), according to analysis by EVAdoption from California Energy Commission (2022) data.


BEV Batteries Average 83 kWh Versus 15 kWh For PHEVs

Across the BEVs currently available (or that will be in the next few months) in the US, they average (mean) 82.8 kWh and the median battery size is 78 kWh. For PHEVs, the mean battery size is 14.9 kWh and median is 14 kWh and mean range is 28.4 miles (EPA) of range versus 285.4 miles of range for BEVs.