EV Sales & Market Share


PHEV Sales Drop to 20% of Total EV US Sales Through Q3 2022

Sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) in 2022 are expected to decline to less than 20%, the lowest share of total electric vehicle (BEV + PHEV) sales since 2011 according to analysis by EVAdoption of S&P Mobility data for the Alliance of Automotive Innovation.


Ford F-150 Lightning Averaging US Sales of ~2,200 Per Month

With initial deliveries in April 2022, the Ford F-150 Lightning is on pace for roughly 15,000 units sold in the US in 2022. The Lightning, the BEV version of the iconic F-150, averaged 2,242 units the last 3 months (September-November), based on new EVAdoption analysis.

1H 2022 Toyota Prius Prime Sales Decline 72 Percent-featured image

1H 2022 Toyota Prius Prime Sales Decline 72%

Sales of the Toyota Prius hybrid and Prius Prime PHEV declined 47.9% in the first half of 2022 versus the same period in 2021. The Prius Prime PHEV declined a whopping 71.6%, while the Prius hybrid declined 25.3% in 1H 2022. The Prius Prime saw sales decline to 5,353 in 1H 2022 from 18,862 in the 1H 2021.

RAV4 Hybrid Accounted for 43 Percent of 1H 2022 Sales-featured image

48% of 1H 2022 Toyota RAV4 Sales Were Hybrid and PHEV

The RAV4 SUV, which has been the 4th-best selling vehicle in America for several years, saw the regular hybrid version account for 42% of RAV4 sales in the 1H of 2022. And if you include the RAV4 Prime PHEV numbers, you get to 48% of RAV4 sales having a battery in the vehicle.

OEM Reported US Electric Vehicle Sales Q1 & Q2 2022-7.17.22-featured image

US Q2 EV Sales (OEM Reported) Increased 43% Over Q1

US sales of the 29 EV models for which OEMs reported sales publicly had a combined 45% increase in Q2 over Q1. Sixteen BEVs and PHEVs had positive growth in Q2, while 10 models saw declines in Q2, although three of those models have been discontinued.