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Ford F-150 Lightning On Pace for Sales of 15,000+ Units in 2022

Only on sale in the US since April, Ford’s F-150 Lightning BEV is on a pace for sales of at least 15,000 units in 2022. Based on its trailing 3-month average of 2,113, the electric version of the highest-selling vehicle in the world is on an annual pace for a very respectable 25,500 in unit sales.

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70% Of Electrify America’s US DC Fast Chargers Are 150 kW

Across the 2,193 Electrify America “corridor/market” DC fast chargers located throughout the US (but excluding California sites), 1,527 or 69.6% of the total at the end of 2021 were 150 kW chargers, according to analysis of the April 30, 2022 Electrify America 2021 Report to the US EPA by EVAdoption.

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US DC Fast Chargers Increased 24% in 2021 Vs. 2020

The number of DC fast chargers (ports) grew by more than 4,200, an increase of 24 percent at the end of 2021 versus year-end 2020, according to new EVAdoption, LLC analysis based on Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) data.