Average Range and Battery Size of PHEVs Currently Available in the US

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With 32 PHEVs currently available in the US (as of September 21, 2021), they come in a wide variety of types, price, EPA range, and battery size. In the chart below we’ve analyzed the 32 PHEVs across 6 metrics. The mean (commonly referred to as the average) range is 24.7 miles and mean battery size is 13.5 kWh. When looking at the median, however, range drops to 21 miles and battery size down to 12.5 kWh.

The PHEV with most range and largest battery pack is the Polestar 1 at 65 miles and 34 kWh. At the low end is the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid with 14 miles of range but the Ferrari SF90 Stradale (yes, Ferrari makes a PHEV) has the smallest battery at 8 kWh.

When looking at the top quartile (top 25 percent) the range is 26.3 miles and battery 14.0 kWh. For the bottom quartile (lowest 25 percent) the range is 17.8 miles and battery 10.0 kWh.

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PHEVs Account for Nearly 37% of EVs Sold to Date in the US

Through April 2021 PHEVs accounted for 36.7% of EVs (BEV and PHEV) sold in the US since January 2011. And in California, the most EV-centric state in the US, PHEVs comprise a slightly higher percentage of EV registrations to date at 38.3%.

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