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Loren McDonald is an accomplished speaker having presented at more than 300 conferences, seminars, and small group meetings in 19 countries. Additionally, he is an extremely experienced online presenter having delivered presentations on more than 200 webinars since 2008.

Loren is available to deliver custom presentations to your company’s or organization’s executives in a small-group environment, or deliver a keynote talk to 1,000 attendees at your annual conference. For conference keynotes Loren will often spend more than 50 hours producing, revising and rehearsing his custom presentation. For small-group business meetings, Loren will craft a custom presentation designed to meet your specific goals for the meeting and will deliver a highly engaging, educational, and interactive experience.


Sample ev industry presentations Loren has delivered, include:

Opportunities for electronics suppliers to EV automakers | Conference keynote

Impact and opportunities resulting from the transition to electric vehicles  | For a regional fuels distributor and convenience store chain

Impact of the transition to electric powertrains | Organization of suppliers of machine tools to the automotive industry

State of the EV industry presentation | Solar industry conference with EV track

When EVs will cross the chasm into mainstream adoption | Auto industry conference 

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