Hotels Are the Dominant Location for EV Chargers in the US

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If you were looking for a place to charge your EV in the US — Hotels/Inns/B&Bs would be your best option from the simple perspective of the total number of locations. As of October 1, 2021, there were just over 2,900 hotels, inns, and B&Bs with Level 1, Level 2, or DC fast chargers — more than double that of car dealerships with nearly 1,500 chargers.

Shopping centers and retail stores have the third most at nearly 1,200 locations. Of course, unless you are staying at a hotel or having car work done at a dealer, you likely won’t be able to or want to charge at a hotel or car dealership. 


op & Bottom 5 States by EVs to Charger Ports-as of 9.31.21

New Jersey Has The Highest Ratio of EVs to Charger Ports

The state of New Jersey, which as as of September 31, 2021 had the 6th most cumulative EVs in the US, had the highest ratio of EVs to charger ports at 41.3 to 1. In a distant second place, California with 930,811 cumulative EVs, had a ratio of 27.2 to 1 charger port.

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