US Reaches Milestone of 2 Million EVs Sold

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Based on EVAdoption estimates, it is likely that in late July (or if not then, by early August), the US passed the 2 million cumulative electric vehicles sold milestone. Woot, woot.

At one level this is not impressive as there are more than 280 million vehicles in operation in the US and in recent years (excluding 2020 due to COVID-19) Americans have typically purchased 16-17 million new vehicles each year. 

But, it took 11 years from 2008 (when the Tesla Roadster was launched) until 2018 to reach the first 1 million EVs sold, but then only 3 more years to sell another 1 million and reach the 2 million total. As EV sales start to increase significantly, later this decade the US will see 2 million new EVs sold in only 6 months or less. You’ve come along way baby.


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