Nearly 16,000 Ford Mustang Mach-E BEVs Sold From January-July 2021

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Since reaching US Ford dealers in earnest beginning in February 2021, the Mustang Mach-E has seen strong sales for a brand new EV that isn’t from Tesla. YTD, the Mach-E has sold 15,829 units and has averaged monthly sales of 2,261. Looking at just February through July and the monthly average rises to 2,599.

Based on average sales for March through July, the forecast from EVAdoption is for 2021 Mach-E sales to reach 27,135. Chip shortages and global demand including Ford wanting to sell the most EVs in Norway with the Mach-E could have the Mach-E falling short of the 2021 US forecast.

For YTD, the Mach-E has sold 43.9% of the number of the regular gas-model Mustang. But when combining June and July sales, the Mach-E sold 5,611 versus 6,250 for the regular Mustang, or 83.6%.



Average Range and Battery Size of PHEVs Currently Available in the US

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