EV Sales in 2021 May Account for 26% of All Electric Vehicles Sold To Date in the US

2021 is turning out to be a strong year for not just media coverage about electric vehicles with the Biden US EV sales goals and infrastructure plans grabbing headlines, but actual sales are also grabbing headlines. Based on our EVAdoption forecast for the year, 2021 EV sales could account for 26% of all EVs sold since 2008, the beginning of the current modern era of EVs in the US. 

However, with the chip shortage continuing to be a problem for a majority of automakers, many are delaying introduction of new electric vehicle models or halting product in factories for a few weeks. So it is quite possible that EV sales in the second half of 2021 may not outpace the first half, but they will still be up significantly over each of the last 3 years.

Additionally, while EV sales in 2018-2020 were basically flat in the low 300,000 range each year, when including those years along with 2021, the four years of 2018-2021 could account for roughly 69% of cumulative EV sales. And assuming significant sales growth in 2022 to about 800,000 units, combined sales for 2021 and 2022 count account for more than 45% of EV sales since 2008.