Tesla Dominates DC Fast Charging Connections in the US

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While the various fast charging networks continue to grow at a fast clip, the Tesla Supercharger network has maintained its recent dominance at a 54% market share based on number of connections.

The Tesla Supercharger network, however, drops to a more earthly level at 22% when based on the number of US locations.


op & Bottom 5 States by EVs to Charger Ports-as of 9.31.21

New Jersey Has The Highest Ratio of EVs to Charger Ports

The state of New Jersey, which as as of September 31, 2021 had the 6th most cumulative EVs in the US, had the highest ratio of EVs to charger ports at 41.3 to 1. In a distant second place, California with 930,811 cumulative EVs, had a ratio of 27.2 to 1 charger port.

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