Volkswagen ID.4 Versus Tesla Model Y

Volkswagen’s ID.4 BEV crossover could be one of the most important EVs to help drive EV adoption in the US. It’s specifications or looks won’t wow you, but it’s effective cost might.

While it isn’t entirely fair to compare the dual motor, AWD Tesla Model Y with 65 more miles of range to the RWD ID.4 Pro – the VW crossover comes in about $17,500 cheaper including incentives for a California buyer. When Tesla launches its RWD Model Y (perhaps $45,000), the gap will close with a difference in price of about $14,000.

And while Tesla fans like to point out the superior performance and technology with the Model Y, VW is targeting a mainstream CUV buyer – not the techy early adopters who swoon over anything Tesla. I have high hopes for the ID.4, but it will be fascinating to see how the US market accepts it. The more expensive ID.4 First Edition goes on sale in the US later this year, followed by the Pro\┬áin early 2021.

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