Model Availability and Sales Share By Top and Bottom States

Only two states, California and Oregon, were determined to have all 43 EVs available in their state, followed by Massachusetts and New York with 41 and Maryland and New Jersey with 40.

On the low end, Wyoming had the fewest EVs available with 25 and Montana, South Dakota and Arkansas only had 26 models available. The overall mean number of models is 32 and the median is 31.9.

Now let’s look at the top 10 states by EV sales share and overlay the number of models available in the states (chart below).

Of the top 10 states with highest EV sales share, all 10 had at least 31 EV models available in the state and 6 had 37 or more. For the top 10, the mean (36.7) and median (36.5) is well above the overall mean and median of 32.0 and 31.9 respectively.

Looking at the bottom 10 states by EV sales share and we see that they all had 29 or fewer EVs available within the state. Five had 27 or fewer EVs available. For these bottom 10 states, the mean number of models was 28.3 and median 28.5.

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