Volkswagen ID.4 Versus Tesla Model Y

Volkswagen’s ID.4 BEV crossover could be one of the most important EVs to help drive EV adoption in the US. It’s specifications or looks won’t wow

Honda: Disappearing From the EV Scene

In 2018, Honda had one of the hottest-selling EVs in the US (and especially California), with the plug-in hybrid version of its Clarity sedan ranking

Electric Vehicle-Related SPACs

A recent trend in the electric vehicle industry has been companies going public through “SPACs” – Special Purpose Acquisition Companies. SPACs go public without any commercial

How Are the Recent EV Entrants to the US Market Selling?

While still early, only the Audi e-tron is seeing any significant sales volume averaging around 750 units per month for May through July. The Hyundai Kona and Kia Niro BEVs remain poor sellers, though likely due to lack of supply rather than weak consumer interest.

US Top 8 Selling EVs: Jan-July 2019

Of the top 8 selling EVs in the US, YTD only the Honda Clarity PHEV has a lower trailing 3 months sales level versus the YTD average. The Tesla Model 3, however, is averaging roughly 4,600 more sales the last 3 months versus the YTD monthly average.