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EVStatistics, is a site and service from EVAdoption, and through its principal Loren McDonald, is focused on helping companies, industry organizations, regulators and investors understand the answers to three key questions.

the 3 key questions we're answering

When will EVs “cross the chasm” into mainstream adoption in various global and US markets?


How will the transition to the electrification of vehicles impact our business, industry, community, investments, and infrastructure needs?

What are the business and investment opportunities that will emerge from the shift to electric vehicles?

The key question around electric vehicle (EV) adoption has gone from “If?” to “When?”

Research, Consulting & Speaking/Presentations

EVAdoption helps companies address these questions and electric vehicle threats and opportunities through:

  • Custom Research Projects
    • Forecasts of market size
    • Timing of market adoption
    • Business opportunities and threats
  • Research Reports
    • EV Trends, Market Share, Sales
  • Consulting/Advisory
    • Advising companies and investors on strategies to address the business opportunities and threats that will result from the transition to electric vehicles
  • Speaking and presentations
    • Conferences
    • Business meetings, internal strategy sessions
    • Loren McDonald is an accomplished speaker having presented at more than 250 conferences and events and on more than 125 webinars.

Looking for an experienced, insightful, & entertaining speaker for your conference or online event? 

Content Marketing Services

With more than years of experience as a marketing executive, consultant, marketing evangelist, and prolific content marketer, EVAdoption is also available to support the marketing needs of companies in the electric vehicle industry, including auto OEMs, EVSEs (EV charging station manufacturers, charging station networks, installers of charging stations), suppliers, software companies and EV service-related organizations. Marketing and content services include:

  • White papers and custom research reports
  • Industry benchmark reports
  • Studies and surveys
  • Articles and blog posts
  • Websites
  • SEO and SEM
  • Assistance with investor presentations
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