New Jersey Has The Highest Ratio of EVs to Charger Ports

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The state of New Jersey, which as as of September 31, 2021 had the 6th most cumulative EVs in the US, had the highest ratio of EVs to charger ports at 41.3 to 1. In a distant second place, California with 930,811 cumulative EVs, had a ratio of 27.2 to 1 charger port.

Wyoming had the lowest ratio at 4.2 to 1 and North Dakota was second lowest with a ratio of 4.9 to 1. In general, states with a low percentage of EVs also have a low ratio suggesting that EV charging infrastructure tends to outpace EV sales until the sales and sales share starts to scale.

And several states with a high EV sales share and/or sales share tend to have a relatively high ratio of EVs to charger ports. Among the states with the highest ratios, New Hampshire is a bit of an outlier as its EV sales share only ranks the state in 24th spot. The median ratio was 14.2 EVs to ports and average is 14.6 to 1.

The median ratio was 14.2 EVs to ports, with Wyoming having the best (lowest) ratio at 4.2 to 1 and New Jersey had the worst (highest) at 41.7 to 1. It is important to keep in mind that his is a simple comparison across the 50 states and District of Columbia, but there are multiple factors and variables to consider when assessing a state’s ratio of cumulative EVs to EV charging ports. These can include:

  • Population density
  • Size of the state
  • Travel through state versus within
  • Percentage of multifamily housing versus single-family homes
  • Weather
  • Rural versus urban centricity

To view a sortable table of the original data, visit the EV Charging Station (ports) by State page on


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