Number of EV Models Available in the US to Triple By 2025

One of the biggest hurdles to EV adoption in the US is simply a lack of compelling and affordable EVs across all brands and segments. And we are still several years away from that point as we lack electric pickups (several coming in the next 18 months), EVs under $25,000, and many brands still offer zero or only one EV.

Almost every week now, however, we learn of a new EV that is expected to be available in the US in the next 1 to 3 or so years. With new model plans constantly in flux and many EVs being delayed, it is difficult to be precise on the number of EVs that will likely be available per year now through 2025. That said, our tracking of future expected models suggests that the number of EVs (BEV and PHEV) available in the US should triple by 2025 to approximately 165 models from the 55 available in 2020.

Number of EVs by Year chart-2020-2025