California: DCFC Well Ahead of Level 1 & Level 2 2025 Target Goals

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In 2019, the California Energy Commission established target goals for the number of EV charging connections by DCFC and combined L1 and L2. As of December 3 using AFDC data, the state was much closer to achieving the targets for DCFC stations at 59.4% of the low target and 29.4% of the high target. This versus 12.6% of the low target and 10.9% of the high target for Level 1 and 2 connections.

Looking at both the US and California data, it seems clear that investment is being overweighted to DCFC infrastructure over L1 and L2. Fast charging is clearly critical for taking road trips, but we also need a lot more convenient charging infrastructure that can charge EVs while drivers do other things – like sleeping, eating, shopping, and working. It is going to be interesting to watch where the charging infrastructure investment dollars flow over the next few years.


op & Bottom 5 States by EVs to Charger Ports-as of 9.31.21

New Jersey Has The Highest Ratio of EVs to Charger Ports

The state of New Jersey, which as as of September 31, 2021 had the 6th most cumulative EVs in the US, had the highest ratio of EVs to charger ports at 41.3 to 1. In a distant second place, California with 930,811 cumulative EVs, had a ratio of 27.2 to 1 charger port.

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